People and Partners

PharmaFutures was convened and sponsored by Pension Funds, USS, Raj Thamotheram; ABP, Martin Eijenhuijsen and OPERS, Cynthia Richson.

The Working Group was composed of the following people, who during the time of the project were employed in the capacity outlined.

  • Stewart Adkins, Senior Analyst, Pharmaceuticals, Lehman Brothers;
  • Caroline Dorsa, Vice President and Treasurer, Merck & Co. Inc;
  • Shereen El Feki, Healthcare Correspondent, The Economist;
  • Lise Kingo, Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations Novo Nordisk;
  • Sarb Klair, Managing Director, Global Healthcare Equity Research, Citigroup Asset Management;
  • Viren Mehta, Principal, Mehta Partners;
  • Pankaj Patel, Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Zydus Cadila;
  • Eloan dos Santos Pinheiros, Senior Adviser at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation & ex-Director Farmaguinos, Brazil;
  • John Schaetzl, Vice President, Equity Analyst on Research Coverage of Healthcare, GE Asset Management;
  • Takashi Shoda, President and Representative Director, Sankyo Co. Ltd, Japan;
  • Eric Stanchfield, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds;
  • Andrew Witty, President Pharmaceuticals Europe, GSK.

Project team

  • Sophia Tickell, Project Directory
  • Cassie Higgs, Administrational Support
  • Andrew Blau, Global Business Network
  • Lynn Carruthers, Global Business Network
  • Erik Smith, Global Business Network
  • Steve Weber, Global Business Network

PharmaFutures 1 was managed by a small secretariat, directed by Sophia Tickell, with research and logistical support from Cassie Higgs.

PharmaFutures contracted professional scenario planners, Global Business Network (GBN) to run the scenario planning process. The GBN practitioners leading on PharmaFutures were Andrew Blau, Lynn Carruthers, Erik Smith and Steve Weber.

External experts

  • Dr Goran Ando, CEO Celltech;
  • Emma Back, Access to Medicines Team, DfID;
  • Richard Bumgarner, Independent Consultant;
  • Professor Angela Coulter, Chief Executive, Picker Institute, Europe;
  • Charles Gardner, Associate Director for Health Equity, Rockefeller Foundation;
  • Martha Gyansa Ludderodt, Program Manager, Ghana National Drugs Program;
  • Dr William Haddad, Chairman and CEO Biogenerics Inc;
  • Peter Heller, Deputy Directory of the Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF;
  • Matt James, Senior Vice-President, Kaiser Family Foundation;
  • Dr Mohga Kamal Smith, Health Policy Adviser, Oxfam;
  • Dr Richard Laing, Essential Drugs Project, WHO;
  • Dr Joel Lexchin, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto;
  • Lance Lindblom, Director, Nathan Cummings Foundation;
  • James Love, Director , Consumer Project on Technology;
  • Dr Mary Moran, LSE; Jonathan Quick, President and CEO, Management Sciences for Health;
  • Professor Alan Sager, Director School of Public Health, Boston University;
  • Jonathan Sallett, Independent Consultant and Visiting Scholar at Berkeley’s Institute for International Studies;
  • Philippa Saunders, Essential Drugs Project;
  • Rutai Shao, Department of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion, WHO;
  • Dr Anthony So, Director, Program on Global Health and Technology Access;
  • Mr Larry Stambaugh, Chair and CEO Maxim Pharmaceuticals;
  • Dr Paolo Teixeira, Head of HIV/AIDS Department, WHO;
  • Lawrence Wilkinson, Chairman of Heminge & Condell (H&C);
  • John Wong, Senior Vice President Boston Consulting Group, Hong Kong Office;
  • Roy Widdus, Director, Initiative for Public-Private Partnerships on Health;
  • Ben Yeoh, Pharmaceuticals Analyst, ABN AMRO.


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Innovation remains core to our success, ensuring we research and develop new medicines and vaccines which address unmet medical needs. The Shared Value report outlines how all stakeholders including industry, investors, governments and regulators can play their part in ensuring the appropriate balance between value for money and delivering fair rewards for innovation can be achieved.

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