Prescription for Long-Term Value

PharmaFutures 2 built on the successful formula of PhamaFutures 1, which brought together industry and investors in structured dialogue. However, the approach to this second phase was to analyse the present operating environment rather than to focus on long-term futures. The overall findings by the people and partners involved in the project identified three trends that will determine the industry’s future value: R&D productivity, consensus on value for money and the emerging markets.

The process culminated in 2007 in the report PharmaFutures 2. The report reviews these trends, their social consequences and how industry and investors might address them to meet both shareholder and societal needs. The dialogue focused on how the industry communicates with investors and how investors in turn signal what they want to know.


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I have watched the industry suffer the loss of public trust, struggle with bringing new products to market and lose the ability to grow its top line. This perfect storm is reflected in the current share price and as a long term investor I hope to hear and perhaps help find the early signs of a path to recovery.

John Schaetzl, Independent