Background and Project Approach

PharmaFutures 3 was the third in a series of investor-led dialogues focusing on the Emerging Opportunities in middle income countries.

Middle income markets, such as China, India, Brazil and the Philippines are seen by many in the healthcare industry as presenting significant new business opportunities. And it’s no wonder – rising incomes, changing demographics and evolving epidemiology in these geographies represent a sizeable shift in the market landscape.

This remarkable transformation, however, is taking place against a backdrop of continuing poverty and acute and chronic healthcare needs for millions of people. PharmaFutures 3: Emerging Opportunities explored the ways in which pharmaceutical companies can balance the opportunities offered by a growing consumer base with the need to develop more sustainable models that improve access to medicines and healthcare of the poor majority.


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The industry’s social contract is under severe strain. There is an urgent need for new treatments for antibiotics and diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is in the interest of patients, healthcare providers, industry and pension holders to work together to create the best model for bringing new drugs to market.

Sophia Tickell, Director, PharmaFutures