People and partners

PharmaFutures 3 was centred around two workshops – in London and Mumbai – at which the Working Group explored current challenges and opportunities to better aligning business value with societal need.

PharmaFutures 3 was a solutions-focused, structured dialogue convened by the pension fund founders of the PharmaFutures series – APG and USS. Central to the project was a Working Group comprised of representatives from the pension funds, pharmaceutical companies, industry analysts, global health experts, social entrepreneurs and emerging markets experts.

Below is a list of the participating organizations and their representatives.

Working group members

  • Dr. Shereen El-Feki, Journalist and Writer,
  • Jeanne-Marie Gescher, OBE, Founder and CEO, Clayton Gescher Associates (cga)
  • Turan Shah, Head (Asia), Mehta Partners
  • Bart Zeldenrust, Senior Portfolio Manager, All Pensions Group (APG)
  • Erik Jan Stork, Sustainability Specialist, All Pensions Group (APG)
  • Matthew Clark, Americas Portfolio Manager, Universities Superannuation Scheme
  • Natasha Landell-Mills, Research Analyst, Responsible Investments, Universities Superannuation Scheme
  • Dr. Daniel Summerfield, Co-Head of Responsible Investment, Universities Superannuation Scheme
  • Abbas Hussain, President for the Emerging Markets, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  • Zito Sartarelli, Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson – Pharmaceuticals Group
  • Dr. Ruud Dobber, Regional Vice President, AstraZeneca Asia Pacific
  • Dr. Jesus Acebillo, Head of Region Emergin Growth Markets and Country Head, Novartis
  • G.V. Prasad, CEO, Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd
  • Rema Rajeswaran, Associate, Generation Investment
  • Stewart Adkins, Director, Stweart Adkins Advisors Limited Global Health Experts and Social Entrepreneurs
  • Dr. Hannah E. Kettler, Program Officer, Global Health Policy and Finance, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Ruth Levine, Vice President, Programs and Operations, Centre of Global Development
  • David Green, Social Entrepreneur
  • R.D. Thulasiraj, Executive Director, Aravind
  • Dr. Christopher J. Elias, President, PATH
  • Pamela Hartigan, Co-Founder, Volans Ventures

Project team (sustainability)

  • Sophia Tickell, Project Director
  • Alexa Clay, Research Analyst
  • Preetum Shenoy, Research Analyst
  • Ivana Gazibara, Research Analyst
  • Maggie Brenneke, Director, Health Care Client Services


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In the face of environmental, business and societal changes, pharmaceutical companies must adapt their business models to new markets with commercial potential – even if it conflicts with decades of practice – or risk getting left behind.

Stewart Adkins, Stewart Adkins Advisors Limited