Background and Approach

The PharmaFutures series was created in 2003 to allow investors to enter a sustained dialogue with senior pharmaceutical managers about how they were seeing and responding to challenges in the external operating environment. The dialogues aim to validate the business case for adjusting the biopharmaceutical industry business model to more effectively balance changing market realities and societal expectations. At its heart, Pharma Futures seeks to enhance a business model that combines sustainable shareholder value and strong patient health outcomes. It aims to build trust and foster an environment in which collaborations and partnerships between industry and key stakeholders can flourish.

At the heart of each PharmaFutures dialogue is an expert Working Group, formed of senior pharmaceutical executives and institutional investors, which provide the project’s intellectual steer through face-to-face workshops and on-going research and dialogue. The exchanges of the Working Group are enhanced by inputs from a group of senior expert practitioners who have years of experience of working in pharmaceutical R&D and as healthcare evaluators and payers.


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