People and Partners

The PharmaFutures Working Group

The Working Group is at the heart of PharmaFutures 4. Its 15-20 members provided the critical intellectual steer throughout the initiative. The Working Group is composed of representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and its owners, and its deliberations are enhanced by inputs from informed external experts.

Members of the Working Group are all senior, influential and forward looking and its members collectively represent a wide ranging knowledge of the topics under discussion. The investment community is represented by institutional investors while the pharmaceutical industry representation spans a range of functional specialisms.

Working Group Members

  • Stewart Adkins, Stewart Adkins Advisors Ltd, Director
  • Viggo Birch, Novo Nordisk, Vice President for Europe North
  • Jim Daly, Amgen, Senior Vice President, North America Commercial Operations
  • Joel Emery, Carlson Capital, Principal
  • Joel Emery, (formerly) TIAA CREF, Managing Director
  • Charlotte Ersbøll, Novo Nordisk, Corporate Vice President, Global Stakeholder Engagement
  • Simon Jose, GlaxoSmithKline, General Manager and Senior Vice President
  • Duncan Learmouth, GlaxoSmithKline, SVP Developing Countries and Market Access
  • David Norton, Johnson & Johnson, Company Group Chairman
  • John Schaetzl, Independent
  • Jeff Stevens, Fidelity, Intl Pharma Analyst
  • Erik-Jan Stork, APG Investments, Senior Sustainability Specialist, Global Equities
  • Dan Summerfield, Universities Superannuation Scheme, Co Head Responsible Investment
  • Tiansi Wang, Robeco, Credit Analyst Healthcare
  • Wilco van Heteren, Robeco, Responsible Investment

External Experts

  • Richard Bergstrom, Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, LIF, Head
  • Dr Chas Bountra, Structural Genomics Consortium, University of Oxford, Chief Scientist
  • Robert Crane, Kaiser Permanente, Former Executive
  • Sir Andrew Dillon, NICE, Chief Executive
  • Dr John Dixon, JD International Consulting Ltd, Director
  • Dr Robert Epstein, Medco, President of Advanced Clinical Science and Research
  • George Goldsmith, Tapestry Networks Limited, Chairman & Founder
  • David Green, Oxford Lotus Health Fund, Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Dr Jens Grueger, Pfizer, Head, Market Access Primary Care
  • Dr Ansgar Hebborn, Roche, Global Head of Economic Value Strategy
  • Alan Hogg, IBM Global Business Services, Senior Managing Consultant, Business Analytics & Optimization Process
  • Richard A. Jefferson PhD, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Chief Executive Officer, Cambia, Professor of Science, Technology & Law
  • Dr Finn Børlum Kristensen, EUnetHTA & Finland National Board of Health, Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Dr Peter Kurtzhals, Diabetes Research NovoNordisk, Senior Vice President
  • Dr Richard Laing, World Health Organization, Medical Officer
  • Thomas Lonngren, EMA – European Medicines Agency, Former Executive Director
  • Dr Jeff Nye, Johnson & Johnson, Vice President & Global Head of External Innovation
  • Professor Clive Page, King’s College London, Joint Head of Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Professor of Pharmacology
  • Sir Michael Rawlins, NICE, Chairman
  • Professor Anthony Rodgers, The George Institute for Global Health, University of Sydney, Professor
  • Gregory Rossi, Roche, Global Head of Market Access
  • Ad Schuurman MSC MBA, Dutch Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ), Head of the Business Contact Centre and International Affairs & President of The Medicines Evaluation Committee (MEDEV)
  • Carl Seiden, Seiden Pharmaceutical Strategies, LLC, President
  • Professor Brian D Smith, PragMedic, Author
  • David Snow, Medco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr Robin Spencer, Imaginatik plc, Director of Research
  • Dr Paul Stoffels, Johnson & Johnson, Worldwide Chairman Pharmaceuticals
  • Professor Patrick Vallance, GlaxoSmithKline, Senior Vice President, Medicines Discovery and Development
  • Lambert van der Walde, van der Walde & Co., President
  • John Willbanks, Creative Commons & Science Commons, Vice President of Science

Project Team

  • Sophia Tickell, Project Director
  • Becky Buell, Facilitation Lead
  • Stewart Adkins, Research Analyst
  • John Schaetzl, Research Analyst
  • Alexa Clay, Research Analyst
  • Sharon Williams, Administrational Support
  • Eleanor Kilsby, Administrational Support


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