Pharma and the Environment

PharmaFutures 4 looked at several “Game-changers” impacting on the pharmaceutical sector:  declining R&D productivity and the innovation challenge, the changing payer landscape and the rise of the health technology assessment bodies, and the natural environment.  In the course of the discussions, it became apparent that there was a symbiosis between the innovation and payer discussions that merited detailed exploration, and the PharmaFutures Working Group agreed to focus primarily on these issues.  The environment conversation was considered extremely important, particularly by the industry participants, but worthy of a separate dialogue that specifically explores the impacts of the industry on the environment, their dependence on critical natural resources, and the potential impacts of changes in biodiversity, climate, and resource availability  on business continuity.

As follow up to the discussions on the Pharma sector and the natural environment, Meteos will be publishing a report in September that captures the key findings of the discussion so far, and proposes an agenda for dialogue with senior executives across key industries in the biopharmaceutical sector.  The report will be available on the Meteos website from September.


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