Determined to contribute to a “Shared Value” model the PharmaFutures Working Group identified the following responses from society, industry management and investors that it considers most likely to result in mutually beneficial outcomes. These would ensure that the industry is rewarded commensurately for meeting unmet patient need while providing appropriate returns for investors and recognising the constraints on society’s ability to pay.

Role of Societal Stakeholders

  • Signal priority unmet needs and priority focus for treatments
  • Coordinate work of Agencies dealing with the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Be prepared to collaborate with Industry

Role of Biopharmaceutical Industry Management

  • Enhance the credibility of management
  • Improve innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Rebuild the social contract through collaboration on value and reimbursement

Role of Investors in the Biopharmaceutical Sector

  • Continue to play a critical role in funding new drug discovery
  • Use activist tactics to support sustainable R&D models and help bring change in its absence
  • Retain a focus on the long term to achieve sustainable returns


For detailed recommendations for each constituency, please see the Shared Value Executive Summary.


The industry’s social contract is under severe strain. There is an urgent need for new treatments for antibiotics and diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is in the interest of patients, healthcare providers, industry and pension holders to work together to create the best model for bringing new drugs to market.

Sophia Tickell, Director, PharmaFutures