Identifying Opportunities — Exploring Today’s Innovative Models for Value Creation

PharmaFutures 3 takes the initiative a step further by exploring one of the three key value drivers identified in both previous PharmaFutures initiatives. As with previous projects, this one is centred on two workshops and the development of a final report.

Workshop One, which was hosted in April 2008 by Lehman Brothers in London, looked at the critical stages of the pharmaceutical value chain and explored the management challenges and opportunities posed by healthcare needs, societal expectations, market opportunities and government regulations. Innovative models being developed by social enterprises, including Aravind Eye Hospital, PATH and Project Impact, were presented to drive discussion about potential innovations in the sector.

Building on the outcomes of the first workshop and the interim research, Workshop Two identified and explored specific high-priority areas for future actions and collaboration at various stages in the pharmaceutical value chain. In addition to concrete examples, it explored frameworks and approaches applicable more broadly.

The findings of the project resulted in the February 2009 publication of PharmaFutures 3


The industry’s social contract is under severe strain. There is an urgent need for new treatments for antibiotics and diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is in the interest of patients, healthcare providers, industry and pension holders to work together to create the best model for bringing new drugs to market.

Sophia Tickell, Director, PharmaFutures